Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mama Cried by Talia Haven BOOK REVIEW!

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Title: Mama Cried

Author: Talia Haven

Published: Sheehan and Haven

Jenny never really thought about why she was at  the playground with many other children. She never really thought about why she can no longer see her mother or the reason why each child on the playground has a set of black puppies each with their own set of red eyes. Things are different about this playground, no one is sad or in pain, everyone is just having fun playing. Guardians watch over the playground as she children play, then Jenny starts to notice that some of the Guardians take some of the children away from the playground, the Guardian always comes back but the children do not.

A Guardian comes for Jenny one day and it's Jenny's turn to leave the playground with her two pups in tow. The Guardian asks Jenny if she remembers what happened the day she came to the playground. Jenny said the only thing should could remember was Mama cried the day she came. The Guardian now tells Jenny it is her turn to make a powerful choice to forgive.....or punish.


Thoughts: This is a short story, only 12 pages long. Though the story was a sad one, I like the idea behind it. I wish there were more to the story as far as description, I would have loved to know what the little girl saw after her choice was made and she moved on.

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