Sunday, March 22, 2015

Wantin by Truth Devour BOOK REVIEW!

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Title: Wantin

Author: Truth Devour

Published: Publicious Self-Publishing

Wantin is the first book in a trilogy by Truth Devour....

The story follows Talia Jacobs as she grows into womanhood. Life for Talia has always been different, both of her parents have traveled the world with her in tow. Shortly into the beginning of the story Talia deals with one of the greatest sadnesses a child should ever have to go through and that being the death of both of her parents in a apparent drowning. Left without parents to care for her Talia is forced to move in with her aunt and uncle along with her cousins. Beginning to lose her battle with her sadness after the death of her parents Talia stops eating and refuses to when her uncle tries to give her food. One of her cousins named Brad becomes taken with Talia and takes her under his wing, with his friendship Talia begins to eat again and even seems to be happy once again.

Once Talia becomes older her aunt and uncle give her the will from her parents and with it comes the riches that her parents have passed down to her along with some properties in other countries. None of that seems to matter since she had her aunt and uncle and Brad who has become even closer to Talia. Then two have been thick as thieves since they were little but their friendship turns into something more as they become older. They are falling in love with each other but they know that since they are cousins their love wouldn't be right. Keeping their hands off each other proves to difficult and Brad decides to leave before things go to far leaving Talia behind confused and heart broken, but with Brad gone Talia has all the time in the world to explore the world and learn who she really is....after all she is rich. Talia hopes that in her travels the hole that Brad left in her heart becomes fill with what she truly


Thoughts: I enjoyed this story and I am looking forward to reading the others in the series. I liked how well the story it written so you can see a young girl blossom into a heart breaker. I did have some problems with it, my first issue was the fact that you don't really know much about her parents like their occupation or how they drown. I also found it a bit annoying that in certain parts of the story it would take forever for characters to say what needed to be said, but even with that I still found the book enjoyable. I would recommend this for lovers of romance/erotica novels.


" Mere words could not possibly describe the infinite sea of roses that passes between your ruby lips. You are my perfection."

" I had experienced enough in my life to appreciate that all things happened for a reason."

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