Monday, April 20, 2015

Essential Poems by Various Authors MINI BOOK REVIEW!

Title: Essential Poems

Author: Various Authors

Published: Open Road Integrated Media

This is a book filled with poetry from many different well known authors.  The poems themselves each their own and cover many different topics sure to capture the attention of the reader.


Thoughts: I for one am a fan of poetry but this book makes it easy to read poetry even if you are a first time reader. This book also gives you some background on each of the authors. This book was a quick read that covers many different topics and is sure to fit with the reader.


" I know, have always known, the paths Of grace cannot be forced, yet meteors will fall, A Blaze of light and always when least looked for."

" Never curse the curse, or forget the blessing."

" I am yesterday", " and my fault is eternal."

"So error is plaited into desires not yet born."

"To admit suffering is to begin creation of freedom."

" Dear child, what has been once to interwoven Cannot be traveled, nor the gift ungiven."

"Here under the shock of love, I am open To you, Primal Spirit, one with rock and wave, One with the survivors of flood and fire, Who have rebuilt their homes a million times, Who have lost their children and borne them again. The words I hear are strength, laughter, endurance.... Under the words you are my silence."

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