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Studio Eden Q&A + An EPIC Video Game Themed GIVEAWAY!!!

It has become popular in the past few years for video game streamers who stream themselves playing various different games complete with commentary from the player/streamer. One new and up and coming video game streamer is Eden from Studio Eden the YouTube channel. Eden also has a Twitch page! I love Studio Eden's videos and thought I would set up a Q&A with Eden herself! I hope you enjoy this post complete with an Epic Video Game themed GIVEAWAY below!

Q: What made you want to start streaming your game play?

A:  I've always wanted to but never actually had the means until I could afford a really good gaming rig. Then I started watching Let's Plays on the internet and fell into watching TheRadBrad and had been hooked onto the idea ever since.

Q: What is your favorite game / series?

A: Chrono Trigger is my absolute favorite game. But as far as game series goes, it's a tie between the Final Fantasy series and the Xenoseries of games (Xenogears and the Xenosaga Trilogy).

Q: What is your favorite game system / platform for gaming?

A: Well it was Playstation for the longest because that is all I could really afford but now I mainly game on PC.

Q: What is your favorite type of game?
A:  I really enjoy story rich games - doesn't matter the perspectives. Third person, First Person, Platformers - anything with a great story is always a plus for me.

Q: How long have you been playing games?
A: Since I was two years old. First game I ever played was Super Mario Brothers for the Nintendo. It's been a nonstop thing ever since.

Q: What is your favorite game franchise / company and why?
A:  Squaresoft was my favorite for the longest time. I was a huge fan Ubisoft until the more recent news regarding Assassin's Creed Unity and their bullshit claim that creating female characters is too harsh on the budget, doesn't bring in more revenue, and a "reality of game development". I always enjoyed Squaresoft just because they put out the best story games (and, of course, Final Fantasy). But BioWare is getting up there for me. Gotta love me some Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

Q: Have you ever been upset with the story line or plot of a game?
A: Absolutely! Some games just don't make any damn sense. Like, you thought it was going in one direction only to find out that it was turning into a sack of crap and a disappointment. I found that sequels to games often do this and it saddens me. Like it took you somewhere really cool only to fall off and you're left feeling so completely unsatisfied.

Q: Name one or more video game character / characters that you wish were a real person.
A: I wish Red XIII from Final Fantasy VII was real. And KOSMOS from Xenosaga. Because hey, a battleroid? Why not? But in all seriousness, I guess out of them all, I wish Booker DeWitt was an actual real person (from Bioshock Infinite). He's a man who lived by his own principles for so long and while trying discover just who he is and where his origins lie, he's always devoted and, at the end of it all, a father who would give up anything and everything to protect the love and life of his child.

QWhat would you rather play as: Male or Female?
A: I don't think preference really has anything to do with it. In games where I co-op with other players, I usually wind up being the girl just because I play with mostly guys. Otherwise, who really cares? It's about the story and having fun. When having grown up exposed to video game culture so early on, it was clear from the get-go that it was a heavily male dominated society. It's fine because it's changing as the times change. But unless it's a fighting game, who cares what gender I'm playing as (I normally play the chicks in fighting games because they have the more kick ass looking moves - I'm just sayin').

Q: What was your most EPIC rage quit?
A: Nothing will ever be able to top the Final Fantasy story regarding when my dad wiped my entire memory card after I spent six months' worth of weekends trying to get to the final boss. I had literally gotten everything you could possibly get and mastered everyone's materia TWICE. And then it all went spiraling down the proverbial toilet

Q: what is your favorite RPG type, JRPG or Western?
A: As far as stories go, JRPGs have always been my favorite. While western rpgs are getting up there, it's what I have been exposed to the most. There has always been a nice little level grind system that made you do all this work where as most Western rpgs just kinda throw you into the midst of the ocean and expect you to come up to the surface without dying. And if you die, well, that's what the continue button is for.

QHave you played Legend of Dragoon? If yes then would you like for it to have a sequel?
A: I have played Legend of Dragoon and adored it. Absolute classic and equally unforgettable. But would I want a sequel? I'm not sure, to be completely honest. They touched so many bases and addressed so many things - the only way I would want a sequel is to where none of the original cast were allowed to be involved with the main party. Like extend it several decades after the first game or if the original party makes an appearance, to only have it be as light cameos. The legends should 
remain as such - don't touch them.

QDo you have any other hobbies besides gaming?

AI draw, write, do video editing and graphic art. I'm in the middle of working on both a visual novel and web comic as we speak. Story boarding is a nightmare. Pretty much watching anime or period/historical Korean dramas when I get the time to do so and then. I also do dance and yoga regularly - because while I may be a gamer, I want to stay healthy. Hanging out with my friends on an actual social basis is a given.

ABOUT EDEN: Is just a 28 year old girl that likes to bring anime & video game entertainment for you, the viewers. She has dabbled in AMVs and Video Game LPs! She studied Political Science at Centenary College of Louisiana from 2005-2007 then Graphic Design and Film Editing at the University of Mississippi were she graduated in 2011. She currently works as a freelance graphic designer.

Find Eden: Blog ** Deviant Art ** Twitter ** Tumblr ** Twitch ** You Tube

Some Random Eden Videos!

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