Monday, April 20, 2015

The Hanging Tree by Michael Phillip Cash BOOK REVIEW!

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Title: The Hanging Tree

Author: Michael Phillip Cash

Published: Red Feather Publishing

Any witch would tell you that what you send out you get back three times worse or better. Wrong doers don't get away with things for long, and karma has a way with making things work out. But what if karma had a little help.....from some funny ghosts with dark secrets.

Goody Bennett was a healer back in the 1600's, but towns folk started to become more and more suspicious of her when  the local church's reverend began to put negative thoughts into their heads. The reverend held himself as if he were more important than everyone else because he was a man of God, he also believed that he could do no wrong and take what he likes especially in the case of Goody's Granddaughter Claire.  All was going so so until Claire became pregnant with the Reverends child which he refused to claim as his own, then the towns folk carried out their plot to rid the town of the healer believed to be a witch Goody Bennett. Goody Bennett has a plan to went out with a bang by putting a curse on the Reverend and all of his bloodline.

Fast forward to Summer 2013 -  Arielle is on a date with a guy she doesn't love but she can't help herself when it comes to being rebellious against her father's wishes. The couple end up at a vacant area with the towns "Hanging Tree" which is a tree that is said to be haunted. Little did they know what the spirits of the tree had in store for the young couple.

The curse caused it....

The girl finished it....


Thoughts: This book is a novella so it was a very short read but even with the shortness of the book the message was clear. I loved the ghosts in the story, they were quite funny and I like how they told their stories of how they came to be the ghosts that haunt the old Hanging Tree. I enjoyed the ending more than I thought I would because of how short it is I was worried that it would leave questions unanswered but it answered them all beautifully!  I must give props to Michael Phillip Cash for writing such a short but epicly beautiful story!

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  1. Lovely cover! And the story sounds quiet interesting.

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