Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The New Colored Pencil by Kristy Ann Kutch BOOK REVIEW!

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Title: The New Colored Pencil

Author: Kristy Ann Kutch

Published: Watson Guptill

Have you ever wondered how a person can make something like this

using only colored pencils? Well if you have then this is a good book for you as well as any new artist to the world of colored pencils. This book will teach you everything you need to know about how colored pencils are made and what they are made of, even how to shop for the perfect pencil that suits your needs. The New Colored Pencil also teaches you techniques used to make certain effects.

This book is also good for the new artist because it teaches you even more than just pencils, it also talks about what type of paper to use to achieve certain looks and it gives lists of different brands of pencils according to the type of art look you are going for (it even covers blending and the color wheel).


Thoughts: This book is very informative and can teach anyone willing to read it a lot about the world of colored pencil art. I myself am not a new artist and even I learned some new things from reading this book. I was very excited to learn about all the different types of colored pencils that can be used to make different types of effects, there are even some in this book that I had not heard of until I read about it in this book. If you like to color or draw with colored pencils then READ THIS! :)

Here is a picture I drew using colored, charcoal, and mechanical pencils! 

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