Thursday, May 7, 2015

Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson BOOK REVIEW!

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Title: Steelheart

Author: Brandon Sanderson

Published: Delacorte Press

Most don't remember a time before calamity struck, leaving the world riddled with superhuman like people with abilities much like a superhero would have...but these people or Epics are they are called are no heros. Most people with Epic abilities are mean ruthless people who care nothing about the people that step in their way to world domination. The world today is a broken place where areas are labeled by the epic that rules the are instead of the actual name of the state or country.

David grew up around the Epics but they were never really a threat until one day when he was little and his father took him to a bank. David's father however wasn't the only person with the bank in mind that day, it was also on the mind of an Epic who was bent on destruction. In the process of destroying the bank the little Epic drew the attention of a much more powerful Epic named Steelheart who had started to claim this Chicago area as his own. Steelheart decided to make an appearance at the bank to take out the smaller Epic who was crouching in on his territory. David's father thought Steelheart was there to save them so tried to help when the smaller Epic tries to attack Steelheart from behind. A shot was fired from the gun held by Davids father, the bullet hits it's target killing the smaller Epic but it also cut a man that was supposed to be unharmable....Steelheart.

Angered by the wound to his cheek Steelheart kills everyone in the bank including Davids father before using his powers to turn the whole bank into steel. David just barely escaped death that day but he left with something that most have never seen. He saw Steelheart bleed....

Years later and a grown up David is hell bent on the death of the man who killed his father. How do you kill someone that is indestructible? He would also have to get by all of Steelhearts Epic minions since he is the new ruler of Newcago (Chicago) which has since been turned to complete steel and has had the sun taken away from it. Getting to someone so powerful would call for some help and David can think of no other rebels than the Reckoners a group that have quite a few Epic deaths under their belt, but getting into a highly secretive rebel group is harder than you think so David hopes that his knowledge about Steelheart will get him in. With the help of the Reckoners there is hope that Chicago will be the way it was before the big change. It will take a lot of deaths but David has something that most do not....the knowledge that Steelheart can be harmed.


Thoughts: I thought at times that this book dragged a bit and was a bit to slow, but the action quickly made up for the slow parts. I will continue on with the series because the whole anitsuperhero thing just catches my attention.

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