Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Truth About Us by Janet Gurtler BOOK REVIEW!

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Title: The Truth About Us

Author: Janet Gurtler

Published: Sourcebooks Fire

Jess has always been lucky as far as money and riches are concerned, but beyond the large house and riches is a broken family with Jess in the middle watching all crumble around her. To help combat the depressed feelings Jess has turned to partying and drinking with her friend Nance. After a party one night Nance leaves Jess to walk home alone drunk, Jess doesn't mind though until a car pulls up beside her offering her a ride home. Inside the car are two boys named Braxton and Flynn. She was lucky that night that two nonkillers picked her up when things could have gone much worse. Jess allows them to take her home and during the ride she gets to know the two boys, Braxton is very talkative while the sarcastic Flynn throws in snarky comments here and there. Though the ride was short, the day after Jess can't get Flynn out of her mind.

Soon after Jess is invited to go to Nances house while her mother isn't home to drink and have fun. Jess takes Nance up on her offer and goes over for drinks and fun. A few drinks later after Nance decides to cam with guy topless, Jess is pressured to lose her top as well which she does but only under the condition that no one but Nance sees her. In the heat of the moment while drunk Jess decides to browse Ebay for a dress and finds and  $10,000 dress that she buys without even thinking clearly about how crazy a move like that was. Nance's mom returns home early to find the girls dancing topless in her backyard and drunk. She calls Jess's father to come get her and tells him that they were drinking and dancing topless which besides the purchase of the dress which was made on a credit card gets Jess into even more trouble than she already was in. As punishment for throwing away money on stupid things and bad behavior Jess's dad forces her to hand over her cell phone for the summer and to get a summer job volunteering at a local shelter serving meals to the less fortunate.

Scared of the what ifs Jess begins to work at the shelter, she quickly makes friends with one of the staff members named Wilf who owns the greenhouse at the shelter. Jess has always loved flowers so she asks if she can help out with the greenhouse which Wilf takes her up on. The first time Jess walks into the greenhouse she sees something that has been on her mind since that fateful night....Flynn working on a broken shelf in the greenhouse. Through out the summer the two become closer and closer much to the dismay of the staff and both of their families who think that because Flynn is a shelter "guest" who with his little brother frequently eat at the shelter due to money problems at home shouldn't be with a rich girl who lives in a big house and has whatever she wants. But those things don't matter two Jess and Flynn but they must fight for their forbidden love while all the cards are against them. Fight for true love and you will be rewarded greatly!


Thoughts: I enjoyed this book even though I had some problems with it, one problem that really annoyed the crap out of me was the fact that most of the adults in the book were so immature almost to the point of being worse than the teenagers. That was a huge problem for me and had me wanting the throw the book across the room because of how stupid the adults were acting. There were also some typos in the book but those were easily ignored. The love story was very cute and enjoyable and even if certain things annoyed me I still couldn't put the book down. So my recommendation goes out that if you want a summer fling CHOOSE THIS BOOK! Damn this woman can write! :)

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