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Night Walker by Lisa Kessler BOOK REVIEW!

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Title: Night Walker

Author: Lisa Kessler

Published: Entangled Select

It's been many years since he lost the love of his life to a murderous priest. Calisto remembers that day vividly, he also remembers the day he gave up his soul to darkness for a chance to see her again.

Calisto was so happy but he didn't know at the time that his love Tala would be killed just for loving him. Or that one of his closets friends would be the cause of her death. Calisto couldn't stand a life without his love so the locals took him to see the old one in the hills who can cure all even heartache. Speaking with the old one Calisto learned that his love shall live again but he must take a potion type drink in order to see her live again. Calisto didn't know that the potion would turn him into a night walker or that he must drink the blood of living things to stay healthy and strong. Feeling like he has become a monster because he must kill to eat and doomed to a life of never ending thirst while never being able to see the sun was just a small price to pay to see her again. After years of waiting his love lives again only now her name is Kate and Calisto begins to fall in love with her all over again. Now he must protect her from the priests that are hunting Calisto and want to keep the two apart, even if it means killing Kate. Calisto will not let fate repeat itself and take his love away from him again.

Fast Forward to present day....

Kate Bradley is plagued by nightmares every night since she was young, and they are always the same. A young woman pregnant with child running for her life before being killed by an unknown man. She doesn't know why she has these dreams or why they are always worse during certain parts of the year. She has tried to go on with her life by being in a relationship with a man named Tom before walking in on him with another woman in his arms. Broken hearted Kate decides to take a little trip to her parents home to take of it since both of her parents are dead, while she is there she will get the comfort of her old friends to help heal her broken heart.

In the company of her friends Kate decides to take a break on relationships, Kate wasn't expecting to fall in love with a man named Calisto. In his company Kate begins to feel like she has known and loved Calisto for years and slowly things begin to make sense. Kate wants to spend the rest of her life with Calisto but things begin to take a turn when strange things begin to happen and secrets begin to come to light. Kate wonders if their love will be enough even with the secrets and danger.


Thoughts: I found this book to be quite similar to Dracula in the way that a vampire is waiting for his long lost love to live again. Though the plot had similar Dracula undertones I was shocked when the story was still quite enjoyable and was very thrillerish keeping me on the edge of my seat. I loved the characters in this book and found myself sympathizing with them as if they were real. I also thought that the reactions of the characters in certain parts of the book seemed accurate with the way a person may act if the situation happened in real life which is something that most vampire books skip over. I will be continuing on with this series and would recommend anyone who loves vampires or a good love story with a bit of a thrill.

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Title: The V Girl

Author: Mya Robarts

( WARNING: Not recommended for readers under 18)

In post-apocalyptic North America, rape and sexual slavery are legal. Lila Velez, desperately wants to lose her virginity before the troops visit her town, and can take it away by force. She makes plans to seduce her only friend, Rey, the most attractive man in her town. Lila does not love him, but he is the only man who has shown her true affection, an affection she is willing to take as a substitute of love.

Lila’s coping mechanism to her mother’s violent attack is her secret. A secret that will bring her closer to Aleksey Fürst, a foreign, broody man that she distrusts because his links to the troops and his rough, yet irresistible appearance. He offers Lila an alternative to her plans, a possibility that terrifies her…and tempts her in spite of herself.

All the while Lila will have to find a way to live in the constant company of death, slavery, starvation, sexual abuse and the danger of losing the people she loves the most.

Author Bio

 Mya Robarts is a bookaholic who regrets nothing. She aspired to be a contemporary dance choreographer when she discovered a pull for expressing her choreography ideas in written form.
After years of writing short stories. Mya will release her debut novel "The V girl" in two languages.

Author Interview! 

 What was the first seed that sparked the story that would become The V Girl?

I was doing research for another novel, when I came across testimonies that made my skin crawl because they described the cruel reality of mass rape. The one that disturbed me the most came from a woman whose country was invaded by several foreign armies. She was fourteen or fifteen at the time. When the Army of her own country was about to regain the control of her town, her mother made provisions so both of them could avoid rape, even though the girl didn’t think this was necessary. Mother and daughter prepared themselves for the soldiers’ arrival by shaving their heads, and the girl acted the role of a very sick girl, hoping the soldiers would spare her. When the soldiers finally came, it turned out the mother had been right all along. Their schemes worked and the soldiers didn’t rape this girl, but they raped other girls. How did the mother know that certain precautions were needed? It was clear to me that abuses from the troops were not only known, but also expected. The fact that the mother knew that this would happen; the fact that they did not make these provisions around the soldiers of the foreign army, but around the soldiers of their own country, had an impact on my emotions. I thought, Wouldn’t the girl try to lose her virginity to a guy of her choice as part of her preparations? That was a story that deserved to be written, and I wanted to write it myself.

Did you have trouble writing any of the scenes (the action scenes or the most emotional ones)?

Writing the action scenes is extremely hard and I’m rarely satisfied. I write them, discard them and
rewrite them repeatedly. Another challenge is putting my characters through such dramatic events and situations. I’m emotionally attached to all of them, even the antagonists, and writing their suffering becomes uncomfortable. During certain scenes, their level of anguish and pain is so high that their emotions rub on me. I also had trouble writing Chapters forty-eight and forty-nine. At the same time writing those chapters was cathartic because I had a similar experience when I was ten years old. I never told anyone until I became an adult, and by writing a scene like this, I was able to have some kind of closure.

How did you manage to balance the disturbing themes with the romance or the dystopian sense of pushing for freedom in an unjust society?

The romance wasn’t central in the earlier drafts of the book. But my readers, my editor and my own
heart responded well to it, so I ended up increasing the time for the romantic storyline. I love YA
dystopian books that present a romantic subplot, but more often than not I finish the book thinking: I
need more romance. The first draft was brutal and violent, and there wasn’t a romantic counterpart to
create balance. But I added more pages of the romantic and emotional attachments. That allowed me to develop the characters more, and to add a bit of humanity to this disturbing world. I like it better this way. I had the chance to add swoon-worthy moments and a little bit of comic relief, by presenting a love story limited by the circumstances of the war,.

How long did it take you to get the plot rounded and what kind of message did you want to convey?

It took months to get the plot rounded. Lila’s storyline ends in The V girl, but the political context was so intricate that I’ll need more books to develop the world building and give resolution to the war storyline. The ending was extremely difficult to write because the book was going to be published in two parts, and I took out around fifty thousand words from the original draft.I tried to convey the feeling that even under the darkest, most difficult circumstances we can allow ourselves to hope and love. No matter how dire the situation is, there’s always some level of hope. The V girl world is so bleak and at times it seems that everything is lost, but if we don’t lose our humanity, we can find the motivation to hope and love.

Did you have to do any research and what kind?

I looked “rape during war” up in Google, and found eighty-seven million results. I had plenty of material to read. Besides, I read plenty of books and saw documentaries about the topic. Mass rape is something that if you don’t see it, you don’t believe it exists and yet it has been an unfortunate occurrence since forever. I also found useful information in RAINN.org, a site for rape survivors. I dedicated the book to them.

Do you plan to write more stories based in the same world, maybe continue the timeline?

I’m writing more books based on this world featuring different characters as we speak. Some of The V Girl characters are secondary characters in them. What I’ll write first will depend on the readers
feedback. I want to know what they’d love to see in future books

Can you see yourself as not being a writer in the future?

No. Reading and writing are part of who I am. I'll always write stories even if I decide to keep those
stories to myself and never publish them.


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At Death's Door and Between Heaven & Hell by Astrid V. Tallaksen GUEST POST!

Title: At Death’s Door

Author: Astrid V. Tallaksen

The world is a pretty straightforward place. Even for medium Sara Stone things seem pretty simple, aside from the whole talking to spirits bit. But when the spirits get too hard to handle and Sara ends up admitted to a mental hospital, the world starts to seem a lot less straightforward. First her family disappears, including her four year old son. Then she gets the sneaking suspicion that not only are the staff at the mental hospital somehow connected, but they also have no intention of ever letting her leave the hospital.

  Everything changes when Sara has her first visitor in three months. Daniel is handsome, friendly, and a complete stranger. When he promises to spring her from the hospital and swears that everything she's experienced is completely real, Sara has no choice but to believe him.
But once she reaches a run-down Victorian house in the tiny Alabama town her rescuer calls home, the last thing she expects to discover is that every memory she has is a lie. Daniel reveals a world filled with angels, demons, and an impending war humans know nothing about. Sara wants to ignore her role in the whole mess – all that matters is solving the mystery of where her son has gone. But the forces of Heaven, Hell, and the Heart have other plans for her. Can she find her child before the world comes crashing down?

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Title: Between Heaven & Hell

Author: Astrid V. Tallaksen

Being a fallen angel used to be easy. A quiet life with the people she loves is all Sara ever asked for. Unfortunately, the apocalypse didn't get the message. After nearly losing everything, she's managed to put her life back together and start living what she hoped was happily ever after with her small family. Now she wants nothing more than to hide away and pretend the end of the world is a distant rumor. Her life has already been torn apart once. Doesn't she deserve a break?

  The apocalypse finds its way back to her doorstep when a letter arrives. Is it a friendly warning, a dire threat, or a simple reminder that she can't run away from what's to come? Sara refuses to take heed and pays dearly for her avoidance. With her family in danger and the preservation of free will hanging in the balance, she finds herself with no other choice. Sara must follow the path forged for her, a path that may take away everything she holds dear and leave her in pieces at the end. She's caught between Heaven and Hell, and the last person she'd ever have considered trusting might just be her greatest ally.

Buy Between Heaven & HellAmazon**Barns&Noble**iTuneBooks**Scribd**Inktera

Author Bio

Astrid V. Tallaksen grew up with a heart for stories of creatures and places outside of this world. Her love of reading quickly became a love of writing. She spent several years creating content and helping writers to improve their craft on the online world of Althanas, a creative writing workshop in the guise of a roleplaying forum. A self-avowed nerd, Astrid loves science fiction, comic books, and eighties fantasy movies in the vein of The Princess Bride and Labyrinth. Her geekiness extends to annual volunteer work at the massive sci-fi convention known as Dragon*con every year in Atlanta, Georgia. In the odd times that she's not immersed in geekdom or writing, Astrid loves to sing karaoke, crochet, and spend time with her family and pets.

Find AstridWebsite**Pinterest**Twitter**Facebook**Blog

I feel like research is extremely important to a writer. Sometimes it's just something simple like information about the city your story is set in, but often the need for research stretches to something more in depth. For my Freefall Trilogy, the main thing I've researched is angels. There was a lot of Google involved, as you might imagine. First it was just basic angel information – but that led me to delve into the way different cultures and religions view angels, and then all the possible angel hierarchies, and lately it's mostly been choosing angels based on what their abilities are according to various traditions. I have no problem with picking and choosing when it comes to mythologies, because, unlike science or geography, I'm choosing from what is already fiction.

As far as science or geography go, I find myself looking up things like “what body part can someone be shot in that bleeds a lot but isn't fatal?” Sometimes my “Google-fu” isn't strong enough and I have to find an expert to ask. It can be embarrassing at first to approach someone about your book, but honestly it's so worth it—that satisfaction of knowing that you aren't just making something up off the top of your head that a reader, even if it's only one single person, might know is wrong.

Research is actually something that makes me hesitant to explore Historical Fiction. I would LOVE to write something set in another time and place, but I'm somewhat taken aback by the idea of possibly getting my facts horribly wrong. Eventually I'm sure I'll jump in headfirst. My mantra is research, research, research. In fact, I've become the person friends and colleagues come to when writing something, because they know I've got a knack for finding the facts they need for their work. It helps that I have a huge library to draw from as well, with books about mythology and all manner of fantasy creatures. 

It can be intimidating at first to look over what you WANT to write and know that it's going to take hours or days of research. But when you've got the information and you get ready to actually put your work down in writing, it's so worth the knowledge that you've done your due diligence and aren't going to have someone get turned off by your writing because you couldn't be bothered to look up historical Florence, Italy (for example). Currently, I'm researching the apocalyptic traditions and timelines in various religions. Even though what I'm writing is complete fantasy, it's still nice to have the foundation and inspiration to work with as I finish the Freefall Trilogy.

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Pulse by L. Hayes COVER REVEAL!

Pulse (Cover)

Title: PULSE

Author: L. Hayes

Disclaimer: This work contains explicit sexual content, language, and delicate subject matter. It's intended solely for mature readers.

At twenty-two-years-old, Mia Holloway's life is up in the air. Her graduation from UCF is looming over her head like a bad hangover. Her long-term boyfriend has up and left her for some Tinder fling, and when sudden chest pains send her straight to the ER – that's just icing on the cake. At thirty-two-years-old, Cardiologist Dr. Alex Greene has what most would call a perfect life: respect, money, and a sleek high-rise loft in the city. But since the departure of his unfaithful Ice Queen of an ex-fiancée, Alex also secretly longs for the one thing he's been missing – connection. When Dr. Greene and Mia meet, as patient and doctor, something undeniable clicks. Forbidden, dangerous, foreboding. The kind of uncontrollable lust that threatens to tear both their worlds apart. Pulses will rise. Hearts will be broken. Because an affair like this doesn't happen in real life. Until it does.

Author Bio

L. Hayes is voracious reader and lover of words. When not immersed in pages, she's usually writing them.

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Whats On My Kindle! PART 3

1. The Knife of Never Letting Go by Partrick Ness

2. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

3. Gods & Dragons : 8 fantasy novels

4. All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

5. Of Shadow and Stone by Michelle Muto

6. The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

7. Hidden Wings by Cameo Renae

8. Painless by S.A. Harazin

9. Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge

10. The Paper Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg

11. The Glass Magician by Charlie N. Holmber

12.  The Witch of Painted Sorrows by M.J. Rose

13. Under Different Stars by Amy A. Bartel

14.The Reluctant Psychic by Suzan Saxman

15. Night Child by Lisa Kessler

16. Chronicles of Steel: Raven by Pauline Creeden

17. When Joss Met Matt by Ellie Cahill

18. A Thing Of Beauty by Lisa Samson

19. Mortal Enchantment by Stacey O'Neale

20. Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater

21. Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers

22. Wishes and Sorrows by Cindy Lynn Speer

23. The Morph by JC Andrijeski

24. The Galaxy Game by Karen Lord

25. No Rest for the Wicked by Katherine Garbera

26. Soulfire by Juliette Cross

27. The Space In Between By Jen Minkman

28. Princess of Thorns by Stacey Jay

29. Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

30. Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison

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Smut by Matt Micheli BLOG TOUR!

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Smut By Matt Micheli

Genre: Psychological (Transgressive with strong sexual encounters and hints of horror)

On the outside, Sam has it all: money, good-looks, youth. His life is fueled by an endless supply of drugs, alcohol, sex–anything and everything to keep his mind off of what he struggles to keep hidden away: a troubled past as well as recurring disturbing psychotic visions. Strange things begin to happen to Sam causing his diagnosed anxiety to grow into paranoia. To make things worse, brutally mutilated bodies are being discovered around the city and no one seems to care.Experiencing what it is to come full-fledge into adulthood–love, lust, loss, rejection, denial–Sam realizes money and good looks aren’t everything and sometimes what you’re running from is closer than you think.

Author Bio:
Matt Micheli is a writer out of Austin, TX, Wild Card Winner of the 2012 Halloween Book Festival. He has several fiction and non-fiction pieces featured in various literary magazines and is a multi-contributor to ManArchy Magazine, Revolt Daily, and Paragraph Line. He is a loving husband and father by night and takes on one of many corporate-America faces by day. You will find him either behind his computer writing words or at the nearest bar, either way with a stiff cocktail close by..

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The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker BOOK REVIEW!

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Title: The Golem and the Jinni

Author: Helene Wecker

Published: Harper Collins

A Golem without a master...

A Jinni enslaved to man without a memory of how he got that way...

Far from home the Jinni who fell from a flask at a tinsmiths shop must come to terms with the new cuff around his wrist which he has no memory of ever receiving, he also has no memory of how he came to be trapped in a flask or how he ended up in New York city. The last thing the Jinni remembers is being in his palace of glass in a dessert across the world. Worst of all is that because of the cuff on his wrist which is held on by magic and cannot be broken he is now trapped in human form with limited powers. The Jinn are made of fire and so since there is nothing the broken jinni can do about his current situation he decides to stay with the only person in New York that he knows...the tinsmith. What happened to him he wish he knew, saddened and bound the Jinni tries to make do with his current situation and begins to us what little powers he has to mold and shape the metal around him. The tinsmith notices his great work and decides to give the jinni a place to stay and even allows him to help with the work in the shop. Knowing that he must hide who he is or risk everything the Jinni becomes depressed and longs for his home and his own kind. The Jinni doesn't need to sleep so he fills his nights with work and walking the city to clear his mind. Then one fateful day he sees her...

By a sorcerer she was made to be a the perfect bride but shortly after waking her master died leaving the Golem to fend for herself in a world she doesn't know or understand. After escaping the ship that brought her to New York the Golem runs for her life afraid even to ask for help. Lucky for her the first to learn her secret was a gentle Rabbi who wanted nothing but to help the innocent minded Golem. With the Rabbi's help the Golem slowly begins to turn herself into a respectable citizen of New York as well as a respectable lady. It was hard work though because the Golem has the ability to hear the thoughts of those around her, learning to ignore most of these emotions and fears of those around her it's very difficult but the Golem is constantly learning. Like the Jinni the Golem has no need for sleep and since her idleness begins to drive the Rabbi insane he gives her a cook book to read, by morning his home is filled with deserts and food from the cookbook all made overnight by the Golem who is a very quick learner. With her new knowledge the Golem lands and job at a bakery where things seem to be becoming a normal life for a not so normal woman. Then one day tragedy strikes leaving the Golem to fend for herself, panicked the Golem ran away to the streets of New York where she finds him...

Something much more dangerous than them both is coming and they will need each other to win the battle....they weren't expecting for something more than friendship to blossom between them in the process.


Thoughts: My only issue with this book was that it was a bit slow at times but it was like a puzzle, all the pieces have a purpose in the story and are important in their own way. Other than that I freaking loved this book! The characters were enjoyable especially the Jinni and well thought out / researched. The story was very readably smooth and paints a picture almost like watching a movie in your mind, I felt like I was seeing what was happening instead of just reading about it. I got this book from the library but I plan on getting my own copy in the future because it is worth a reread. Very much loved, GO READ IT! :)

Songs that remind me of the story:


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Kilt Tease by Melissa blue BOOK BLITZ!

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Kilt Tease By Melissa Blue

Kate Campbell promised to have an affair with a Parisian, says yes more than she says no and sin so she can actually have something to repent on Sunday. As a way to honor her grandmother's wishes, she takes a job as a traveling nurse so that she can see Europe—a trip they had once planned on taking together. She never bargained on meeting a sexy Scot who makes bad look so, so good, and he needs her help.

Quinton Baird, a retired, high-profile rugby player, has spent over a decade surrounded by people who all want something from him. From his former coaches to the groupies. He now has two rules for anyone he deals with: Don't talk to the press. Don't talk about him to anyone. Ever. His rules are the only way to protect himself from people wanting him to be their meal ticket. No matter how much he likes the sweet, sassy nurse, he can't believe she'll help him while asking for nothing in return.

The deal between them is simple. All Kate has to do is pose as Quinton’s girlfriend in public. In exchange for helping him salvage an important business deal, Kate gets many opportunities to say yes—in bed and out of it.

Then reality, and the press, threaten their fictional romance. Quinton will have to trust that Kate's feeling for him are genuine or risk losing her for good.


Author Bio:

Melissa Blue's writing career started on a typewriter one month after her son was born. This would have been an idyllic situation for a writer if it had been 1985, not 2004. She penned that first contemporary romance, upgraded to a computer and hasn't looked back since.

Outside of writing, Blue works as a mail clerk for the federal government, has a paralegal certificate (that she has more use for as a dust pan) and is a mother of two rambunctious children. She lives in California where the wine is good and, despite popular belief, is not always sunny.

Find MelissaWebsite**Facebook**Twitter**Pinterest

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Whats On My Kindle! PART 2

1. Eight Cousins by Louisa May Alcott

2. Blood and Snow 1-4 by Rashelle Workman

3. Frost Fire by Olivia Rivers

4. Earth by Shauna Granger

5. The Watchers by Lynnie Purcell 

6. House of the Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorne 

7. Under the Lilacs by Louisa May Alcott

8. Of Mice and Magic by David Farland

9. Draw On in the Dark by Sarah Hoyt 

10. Runaway Heart by Claudy Conn

11. Life on the Mississippi by Mark Twain

12. Persuasion by Jane Austen 

13. Jenny Pox by JL Bryan 

14. All Over You by Emily Snow

15. The Soulkeepers by G.P. Ching 

16. Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham 

17. Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

18. The Iron Butterfly by Chanda Hahn 

19. The Haunted House by Walter Hubbell

20. Redwall by Brain Jacques 

21. Frances and Bernard by Carlene Baver

22. Age of Eve by D. M. Pratt

23. Samphire Song by Jill Hucklesby

24. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

25. When the Siren Calls by Tom Berry 

26. The Unveiling by Tamara Leigh

27. Heart of the Tiger by Lynn Kerstan 

28. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll