Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Night Walker by Lisa Kessler BOOK REVIEW!

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Title: Night Walker

Author: Lisa Kessler

Published: Entangled Select

It's been many years since he lost the love of his life to a murderous priest. Calisto remembers that day vividly, he also remembers the day he gave up his soul to darkness for a chance to see her again.

Calisto was so happy but he didn't know at the time that his love Tala would be killed just for loving him. Or that one of his closets friends would be the cause of her death. Calisto couldn't stand a life without his love so the locals took him to see the old one in the hills who can cure all even heartache. Speaking with the old one Calisto learned that his love shall live again but he must take a potion type drink in order to see her live again. Calisto didn't know that the potion would turn him into a night walker or that he must drink the blood of living things to stay healthy and strong. Feeling like he has become a monster because he must kill to eat and doomed to a life of never ending thirst while never being able to see the sun was just a small price to pay to see her again. After years of waiting his love lives again only now her name is Kate and Calisto begins to fall in love with her all over again. Now he must protect her from the priests that are hunting Calisto and want to keep the two apart, even if it means killing Kate. Calisto will not let fate repeat itself and take his love away from him again.

Fast Forward to present day....

Kate Bradley is plagued by nightmares every night since she was young, and they are always the same. A young woman pregnant with child running for her life before being killed by an unknown man. She doesn't know why she has these dreams or why they are always worse during certain parts of the year. She has tried to go on with her life by being in a relationship with a man named Tom before walking in on him with another woman in his arms. Broken hearted Kate decides to take a little trip to her parents home to take of it since both of her parents are dead, while she is there she will get the comfort of her old friends to help heal her broken heart.

In the company of her friends Kate decides to take a break on relationships, Kate wasn't expecting to fall in love with a man named Calisto. In his company Kate begins to feel like she has known and loved Calisto for years and slowly things begin to make sense. Kate wants to spend the rest of her life with Calisto but things begin to take a turn when strange things begin to happen and secrets begin to come to light. Kate wonders if their love will be enough even with the secrets and danger.


Thoughts: I found this book to be quite similar to Dracula in the way that a vampire is waiting for his long lost love to live again. Though the plot had similar Dracula undertones I was shocked when the story was still quite enjoyable and was very thrillerish keeping me on the edge of my seat. I loved the characters in this book and found myself sympathizing with them as if they were real. I also thought that the reactions of the characters in certain parts of the book seemed accurate with the way a person may act if the situation happened in real life which is something that most vampire books skip over. I will be continuing on with this series and would recommend anyone who loves vampires or a good love story with a bit of a thrill.

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  1. Thanks for reviewing Night Walker!

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the book... Hope you'll give the rest of the Night Series a try...

    Lisa :)