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The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker BOOK REVIEW!

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Title: The Golem and the Jinni

Author: Helene Wecker

Published: Harper Collins

A Golem without a master...

A Jinni enslaved to man without a memory of how he got that way...

Far from home the Jinni who fell from a flask at a tinsmiths shop must come to terms with the new cuff around his wrist which he has no memory of ever receiving, he also has no memory of how he came to be trapped in a flask or how he ended up in New York city. The last thing the Jinni remembers is being in his palace of glass in a dessert across the world. Worst of all is that because of the cuff on his wrist which is held on by magic and cannot be broken he is now trapped in human form with limited powers. The Jinn are made of fire and so since there is nothing the broken jinni can do about his current situation he decides to stay with the only person in New York that he knows...the tinsmith. What happened to him he wish he knew, saddened and bound the Jinni tries to make do with his current situation and begins to us what little powers he has to mold and shape the metal around him. The tinsmith notices his great work and decides to give the jinni a place to stay and even allows him to help with the work in the shop. Knowing that he must hide who he is or risk everything the Jinni becomes depressed and longs for his home and his own kind. The Jinni doesn't need to sleep so he fills his nights with work and walking the city to clear his mind. Then one fateful day he sees her...

By a sorcerer she was made to be a the perfect bride but shortly after waking her master died leaving the Golem to fend for herself in a world she doesn't know or understand. After escaping the ship that brought her to New York the Golem runs for her life afraid even to ask for help. Lucky for her the first to learn her secret was a gentle Rabbi who wanted nothing but to help the innocent minded Golem. With the Rabbi's help the Golem slowly begins to turn herself into a respectable citizen of New York as well as a respectable lady. It was hard work though because the Golem has the ability to hear the thoughts of those around her, learning to ignore most of these emotions and fears of those around her it's very difficult but the Golem is constantly learning. Like the Jinni the Golem has no need for sleep and since her idleness begins to drive the Rabbi insane he gives her a cook book to read, by morning his home is filled with deserts and food from the cookbook all made overnight by the Golem who is a very quick learner. With her new knowledge the Golem lands and job at a bakery where things seem to be becoming a normal life for a not so normal woman. Then one day tragedy strikes leaving the Golem to fend for herself, panicked the Golem ran away to the streets of New York where she finds him...

Something much more dangerous than them both is coming and they will need each other to win the battle....they weren't expecting for something more than friendship to blossom between them in the process.


Thoughts: My only issue with this book was that it was a bit slow at times but it was like a puzzle, all the pieces have a purpose in the story and are important in their own way. Other than that I freaking loved this book! The characters were enjoyable especially the Jinni and well thought out / researched. The story was very readably smooth and paints a picture almost like watching a movie in your mind, I felt like I was seeing what was happening instead of just reading about it. I got this book from the library but I plan on getting my own copy in the future because it is worth a reread. Very much loved, GO READ IT! :)

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