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The Beast by Lindsay Mead BOOK REVIEW!!!

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Title: The Beast

Author: Lindsay Mead

Published: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

In the land of Glace cursed humans roam the lands in the form of wolf like creatures...

Belle doesn't really remember a time when the hunters weren't needed. Large beasts known as hellhounds threaten the people of Glace to the point where hunters are a necessity. Following in the footsteps of her mother and her father Henri who is the head of the hunters Belle has wanted nothing more than to be a hunter and she is good at it. Everything was the normal grind with the hunters until Belle's father Henri decides to go to an inventers fair in another town. Everything was planned out, Henri was to take his own band of hunters with him to help protect against the hellhounds during his travel. Everything should have gone smoothly until Henri's group was attacked and overrun with hellhounds killing all of Heri's group of hunters and making him flee to the nearest place of refuge.

Belle followed the tracks in the snow left by her father all the way up to the large gates of a castle. There shouldn't have been people this far out in Glace who weren't cursed but Belle was shocked to find the castle quite crowded with people and they didn't seem to happy to see Belle. The castle takes Belle in on the orders of the Prince allowing her to see her father who was being kept in the dungeon. Seeing that Henri was injured and sick Belle asked to switch places with him which was accepted leading to Henri's freedom. Belle was kept in the dungeon only for a short while to see if she was cursed then she was moved to her own room at the request of the Prince and was fussed over by the staff. Belle was getting comfortable in her new room, then the moon dreams started showing her a handsome Prince with the ability to enter dreams. In the moon dreams Belle quickly learns that the Prince's land was cursed by a woman which turned all of it's population into hellhounds, the only place that was spared was the castle but those within can't leave and the Prince is trapped as well. The Prince needs Belle's help to try and fix his lands as well as to free himself which she gives her service over willingly but Belle can't shake the feeling that she might be falling for this secretive Prince.

Is the secretive Prince's secrets to much for Belle or will their love for each other conquer all even the cursed....


Thoughts: I love Beauty and the Beast and this retelling was really good and a version that I had been waiting for. I have always pictured the story to be like this so I am very happy that someone has finally taken the picture and made it into something more! I really liked this book and would recommend it to anyone who likes fairy tales but is looking for that special something. My only problem with the book was there were some typing errors but being as this was the author's first novel I just looked over them since the story was still a good one.


" Death freed Them."

" If I never lived another free day in my life, this night would last me till my dying day."

" Your love will not be an easy one," Henri said, Though more to himself. A smile dance on her lips as she imagined it. "but it would be grand."

" Our love may be new, but one day it will be grand."

Song That Reminds Me Of The Book:

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