Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Witches of BlackBrook by Tish Thawer BOOK REVIEW!!!

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Title: The Witches of BlackBrook

Author: Tish Thawer

Published: Amber Leaf Publishing

Through space and time, sisters entwined. Lost then found, souls remain bound.

One the healer, one the teacher, and one the deceiver.

When face with being burned alive during the witch trails Karina does a spell to save herself and her sisters from suffering a painful death. The spell sent her and her sisters through time but it also split them up forcing them to once again find each other in each life time that they will live. 

Karina has no problem finding one of her sisters through the life times but she has never found the other and because of that their powers are weakened. 

Karina now calling herself Trin in present day New York continues her search for her little sister Kara but when it comes to finding her things aren't easy. Things start to become strange when new comers to the town of BlackBrook named Caris and Jason come into Trin's life bring with them flash backs of past lives. Trin Believes that Caris could be the long lost sister she has looked for for centuries but things aren't as they seem to be as random attacks from an unknown force begin to happen against Trin and her found sister Kit and her new friends Caris and Jason attempting to rip them all apart. Maybe the sisters weren't meant to ever be a family again, and maybe the spell done to save them was more a curse than helpful. Trin must now fight for the ones she loves or lose them forever.  Love..Lies...Magic....


Thoughts: I was given this book for an honest review and honestly I flew through it with hardly any problems. I liked the plot of the story and the characters were likeable for the most part. I enjoyed reading about the witch craft and spell work that was done in the story. My only issue with it was the fact that there really could have been a bit more explaining when came to the main spell that shot them through time. I would have liked to have known if they are born in each lifetime and have to grow up and then find each other or if they are just shot through time and just magically appear. Details are key and for the most part the book did well, I just would have like to know more about their lives.  

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