Friday, July 24, 2015

Whats On My Kindle! PART 6

1. Dream Of You by Kate Perry 

2. Beyond the Cliffs of Kerry by Amanda Hughes

3. Perfect by Rachel Joyce 

4. Stubborn Love by Wendy Owens 

5. Angel Fire by Hanna Peach 

6. Lonely Souls by Karice Bolton

7. Forged by Fate by Reese Monroe 

8. Thanksgiving Simple As Pie by Sara Winlet

9. The Odyssey by Homer

10. White Space: Book One of the Dark Passages by Ilsa J. Bick

11. The Strange Birth, Short Life, and Sudden Death of Justice Girl by Julian David Stone

12. Our First Love by Anthony Lamarr

13. A Dance of Blades by David Dalglish

14. A Dance of Mirrors by David Dalglish

15. Path Unchosen by Kim Cleary 

16.Vampire Lords of Blacknall Trinity by Shirl Anders

17. Angelbound by Christina Bauer

18. Darkspire Reaches by C.N. Lesley 

19. Love & The Goddess by Mary Elizabeth Coen

20. Gabriel Rising by Jennifer Marucci and Christopher Martucci

21. Reality Boy by A.S. King 

22. Untethered by Katie Hayoz

23. Ramadan Sky by Nichola Hunter

24. While You're Away Part 1 by Jessa Holbrook

25. Escape In You by Rachel Schurig 

26. Significance by Shelly Crone 

27. Wander Dust by Michelle Warren

28. A is for Angelica by Iain Broome 

29. Dark Angel by Sally Beauman 

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