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Theodore Roberts & The Key To The Imaginary Door by J.R. Robinson BOOK REVIEW!!!

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Title: Theodore Roberts & The Key To The Imaginary Door

Author: J.R. Robinson

Published: London Publishing

"Into this world darkness has crept
Into this land many secrets have been kept. 
You are the child who will set all wrongs right, 
You are the one who has been sent to save the light. 
Tonight is shall start, he will come and show you the way.
It is up to you if you go or stay. 
Do not ask us if he is friend or foe, 
We cannot share that, we do not know. 
Yet take our words and hold them true,
He is alive in you."

Not many creatures of light remember what happened on that fateful day when darkness took hold of the land taking with it the protector of the tree of life Mirra. All they know is bits and pieces of what happened and the fact that if something isn't done soon darkness will take over forever.

Theodore (Teddy) Roberts has always had an imagination growing up, but now as he is getting closer and closer to adulthood his imagination is slipping along with the adventures.  Teddy never thought that one day while exploring the grounds around his families new home he would find a magical door leading to a fairy world in which his imagination would be the most powerful tool to have.

This magical land it being threatened by darkness and all the creatures of light within the land have been waiting for 100 years for the chosen one to save them. Teddy is that chosen one and with the help of the fairy princess and some friends they meet along the way Teddy must learn how to use the most powerful gift the land has ever known...his imagination. Above all Teddy must learn that Dark is not always a bad thing and light is not always good it's what you make of the situation that matters.


Thoughts: I found this book to be alright but just a bit slow moving. The whole thing was very detailed in it's descriptions of surroundings as well as the way the characters looked. There for a bit there seemed to be a love story going on but nothing became of it so I really didn't see a need for it in the story. My only other problem with this book was that the ending was a bit confusing and I still don't understand what happened to the evil that was taking over.  With everything said I found this book to be a pretty decent middle grade book.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Sex Criminals Vol. 1 by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky BOOK REVIEW!

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Title: Sex Criminals

Author: Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky

Published: Image Comics Inc.


Suzie has a secret.... when she was just a teenager Suzie learned that when she orgasims the time comes to a halt literally.  Now Suzie is going through life looking for a love that can match her own in time stopping fashion which could be hard if she is the only one.....or is she?

Jon hates his job and his life. He has been living his life with what he calls a curse. When he cums time stops and his penis also glows like a glow stick. Jon has been using his ability to steal petty things for years, he also uses it to get back at his boss. Jon thought he was the only one until he met Suzie and together their time stopping love is AMAZING but with their abilities comes a chance to save the local library where Suzie works from going bankrupt. The only thing they must do is

A: have sex in public
B: rob the bank

Sounds like a piece of cake for people who can stop time right? Wrong because they aren't the only ones that have this gift/curse and the others aren't happy about their abuse of power.


Thoughts: I found this graphic novel to be hilarious and found myself laughing out loud a couple of time at the antics of the two main characters. This is an ADULT GRAPHIC NOVEL though so there are some graphic sex scenes which some might find offensive but if that sort of thing doesn't bother you then I would give this one a read and LOL with me. ;)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Never Trust a Happy Song by Natalie Bina BOOK REVIEW!

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Title: Never Trust a Happy Song

Author: Natalie Bina

Published: Self Published

Cassidy was accepted into an advanced learning program at the college of her dreams but part of doing this program is living with a host family in the area.  Cassidy has always known structure living with her mother were academics was always key but now she must figure out a new structure because he is now living with the Harper's and their daughter Grace.

Grace is a strange sort of girl who is always cheerful and happy no matter what, she always love her bright colored clothing and always wears rain boots. Cassidy finds her happiness and her nonstructured living infuriating and finds herself becoming easily annoyed with her. On top of her crazy new family living situation Cassidy is becoming more and more behind in her school work since she has been forced to hang out with Grace.

As time passes Cassidy begins to hang out with Grace more and more and a friendship is starting between  the girls. Cassidy just doesn't understand how a person can be so carefree about everything all the time but she is beginning to learn. Her schooling is beginning to show that she is getting to comfortable with the Harper's and her school work is not getting done. The longer Cassidy stays with the Haper's the more she learns about herself and the fact that she doesn't want to do all this advanced schooling that her mother wants her to. Cassidy has her heart set on another major for her future but her mother won't allow it and begins to threaten to take Cassidy away from Grace and the Harpers. It's to late for that now since a friendship has started between the girls but with the friendship comes the secrets and soon Cassidy finds out that even the happiest of people can be torn up inside.


Thoughts: I wasn't really a big fan of this book. Some people might love this book but I felt that the plot jumped around a lot and the book itself just ended leaving a lot of open ends. I also had a problem with how cruel and rude the Cassidy's mother was as well as Cassidy during most of the book. If you like contemporary or YA books then give this one a try, just because I don't like something doesn't mean you won't like it. My opinion is one of many.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Revenge of the Wolf by Skyler Patterson BLOG TOUR!

 Revenge of the Wolf by  Skyler Patterson

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REVENGE OF THE WOLF is a story of paranormal romance/action/horror. This story is set in the early settled New York. A wealthy shape-shifting young man named Justice Sorrowfell falls in love with a beautiful young woman named Angelica Innocenta. When the woman is murdered, Justice goes on a spree of vengeance against all outlaws, in the form of a wolf, and a werewolf. Justice is urged on to continue his revenge by his un-dead fiancé Angelica. This is the first book of a series. This is a tale that gives the message that death is not always the end. This tale shows that true love cannot ever die.—SKYLER PATTERSON

Author Bio

How did i become a writer? My story could be a book of itself. I will not lie. I am the “accidental writer”. I have been working in health care for many years. It was when I decided to read books on my way to work that i stumbled upon the possibility of writing. How did it happen? I take the train to get to my job in N.Y.. I had become bored with reading the daily newspapers .It was then that i decided to read a book instead. Mind you, I had not read a book in years! I proceeded to read books by J.R. Tolkien, Anne Rice, Bram Stoker, and George M. Martin. I found those books sooo cool! I love fantasy fiction. It was when I became addicted to a certain series; that it happened. I read every book from that series and when I asked the book store clerk when there would be more the man gave me terrible news. “Ha, that guy puts out a book every five years. “WHAT”? I could not believe that. It was then that i began to wonder what if I (yes me) could write a book myself. This was a joke to me until i came up in minutes with a plot for a fantasy fiction tale. HOW did i do that!? The plot was way TOO COOL to just do nothing with. And I will not lie. I made every type of mistake one could make in learning how to write. I have had no formal training and I successfully dropped out of college, years ago! That first idea became THE BOOK OF SWORDS, a medieval styled swords and sorcery epic. That book gave me many headaches, before I learned how to write it!(great e book that it is) So i took a break and wrote: THE LAST KRAKEN, a tale of a giant, leviathan squid running amok, in the 1800’s. It was when i was writing that book that I began to realize that I had somehow in only a little more than a year became an author. I finished that first book. I then proceeded to test a chapter of it on my school teacher sister. My sister invited me over to hear my tale. My sister gave me many words of encouragement: “Let’s all have a good laugh”! were her words! I read her a chapter. After i read that chapter my sister began to stutter and jaws were dropping everywhere! “HOW IN THE HELL”?! were her words! And then I began to write another book called REVENGE OF THE WOLF. One day i passed my laptop to a girl I was dating and asked her to read an emotional turning point of this romance/action/horror story. As she was reading it; I was in awe as the woman slowly began to cry! I then spent the rest of that year writing many books. And here i am! I am in this for the long haul. I am now an author/poet/songwriter. My journey just goes to show that one can never truly know what they are capable of; until they give it that one good try! I can truly say I LOVE WRITING.--


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Lumière by Jacqueline Garlick BOOK BLITZ

Lumière by Jacqueline Garlick 

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Even in a land of eternal twilight, secrets can’t stay hidden forever.

Seventeen-year-old Eyelet Elsworth is no stranger to living in the dark. She’s hidden her secret affliction all of her life—a life that would be in danger if superstitious townspeople ever guessed the truth. After her mother is accused and executed for a crime that she didn’t commit, the now-orphaned Eyelet has no choice but to track down the machine—her last hope for a cure. But Eyelet’s late father’s most prized invention, the Illuminator, has been missing since the day of the mysterious flash—a day that saw the sun wiped out over Brethren forever.

Alone and on the run, she finds the Illuminator—only to witness a young man hauling it away. Determined to follow the thief and recover the machine, she ventures into the deepest, darkest, most dangerous part of her twisted world.

I'm Jacqueline Garlick, author of young adult and new adult fiction. I love strong heroines, despise whiny sidekicks, and adore a good story about a triumphant underdog. (Don't you?)
I love to read, write, paint (walls and paper). I have a love/hate relationship with chocolate, grammar, and technology and would rather hang out with a dog, than a cat. I prefer creating things to cleaning things, and believe laughter is a one-stop-shop solution to all that ails you. You will always find a purple wall (or two) in my house (currently in my writing room), and there may or may not be a hidden passageway that leads to a mystery room. (Okay, so you won't find a hidden passageway, but a girl can dream, can't she?) Oh, and tea. There will always be tea.

My writing style has been described as edgy and rule-breaking, and by some--a touch Tim Burton-esque. Because of this, I am often referred to as the Quentin Tarantino of YA among writing friends.

In my former life, I was a teacher (both grade school and college-don't ask), but more recently I've been a graduate of Ellen Hopkin's Nevada Mentor Program and a student of James Scott Bell, Christopher Vogler and Don Maass. An excerpt from Lumière earned me the 2012 Don Maass Break Out Novel Intensive Scholarship.

Lumière--A Romantic Steampunk Fantasy--my debut novel, is the recipient of an indieBRAG Medallion!!! B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree October 15, 2014) I am so proud! (LUMIERE by Jacqueline E. Garlick is a B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree. This tells a reader that this book is well worth their time and money!) Book II of the ILLUMINATION PARADOX SERIES, is out January 26th, now on pre-order.

Also, check out my young adult contemporary romantic/mystery serial, IF ONLY, where reluctant telepathic sleuth Kyla Cooper must embrace her powers and risks all to solve the mystery of what happened to her boyfriend Denver Munro, becoming his voice of truth, before he has no voice at all...

Find JaquelineWebsite**Facebook**Pinterest**Goodreads**Blog

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Seconds by Bryan Lee O'Malley BOOK REVIEW!

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Title: Seconds

Author: Bryan Lee O'Malley

Published: Ballantine Books

What would you do if you had a choice of going back and changing something in your past, would you do it?

Katie had it all, she was working on opening a new restaurant and she has an apartment above a restaurant that she helped build when she was younger, but Katie is lonely and missing a former love.
Things could have been perfect between Max and Katie but she blew it and now she is still missing what she lost and wishing she could change her past. Little does Katie know that there is a house spirit living in the restaurant she currently lives above with mushrooms that have the power to change the past as long as it took place inside the restaurant she currently lives above. The house spirit decides to give a mushroom to Katie along with a notebook to write down what she wants to change. Katie uses it to prevent an accident in which a waitress got really hurt at the restaurant and learns that the mushroom worked by making it so Katie can prevent the accident from even happening.

Katie wants to change more and more things from her past which becomes possible when she finds the place that the house spirit has been getting the mushrooms. With the new found power as the grasp of Katie's hand she begins to change more and more things until everything begins to tangle. Katie begins to learn that you can't change things without loosing something in return like memories of a life you have created. Now Katie wishes everything would just go back to normal without all the mess that she has created. Katie learns that she should be careful what you wish for.


Thoughts: I have read all of the Scott Pilgrim series by Bryan Lee O'Malley so I went in to this book with high hopes. Needless to say that I wasn't disappointed, this book had everything that I loved about Scott Pilgrim just wrapped in a different story line. I enjoyed the humor the most about Bryan Lee O'Malley's work it also doesn't hurt that art work is awesome as well. I wouldn't change anything about this book and I would recommend it to people who love graphic novels or who are just looking for something different to read. Trust me you won't be disappointed.


Monday, August 3, 2015

Skeletor Reviews Kato's War by Andrew Broderick!

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Title: Kato's War

Author: Andrew Broderick

Published: Self published

Kato’s War takes off where Kira’s Flight left Kira and her father Kato wake far in the future after having been rescued form their spaceship. After some science they have their youth restored but not all of  Kira’s memories, now known as the “Sleepers” they are the most famous human alive. Old enemies resurface and trouble ensues.


Thoughts: I had some problems with this book, the settings were believable enough and interesting, and it was just the characters that I had the most problems with. I found them to be very one dimensional and predictable. Kato for some reason after getting his youth back acts like a college frat boy and Kira is reduced to a simpleton of the first quarter of the book. Also the plot was very predictable, I was able to guess what was going to happen before it happen. It reused a lot of plot
devices used in other books and that made it very predicable.