Sunday, August 16, 2015

Never Trust a Happy Song by Natalie Bina BOOK REVIEW!

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Title: Never Trust a Happy Song

Author: Natalie Bina

Published: Self Published

Cassidy was accepted into an advanced learning program at the college of her dreams but part of doing this program is living with a host family in the area.  Cassidy has always known structure living with her mother were academics was always key but now she must figure out a new structure because he is now living with the Harper's and their daughter Grace.

Grace is a strange sort of girl who is always cheerful and happy no matter what, she always love her bright colored clothing and always wears rain boots. Cassidy finds her happiness and her nonstructured living infuriating and finds herself becoming easily annoyed with her. On top of her crazy new family living situation Cassidy is becoming more and more behind in her school work since she has been forced to hang out with Grace.

As time passes Cassidy begins to hang out with Grace more and more and a friendship is starting between  the girls. Cassidy just doesn't understand how a person can be so carefree about everything all the time but she is beginning to learn. Her schooling is beginning to show that she is getting to comfortable with the Harper's and her school work is not getting done. The longer Cassidy stays with the Haper's the more she learns about herself and the fact that she doesn't want to do all this advanced schooling that her mother wants her to. Cassidy has her heart set on another major for her future but her mother won't allow it and begins to threaten to take Cassidy away from Grace and the Harpers. It's to late for that now since a friendship has started between the girls but with the friendship comes the secrets and soon Cassidy finds out that even the happiest of people can be torn up inside.


Thoughts: I wasn't really a big fan of this book. Some people might love this book but I felt that the plot jumped around a lot and the book itself just ended leaving a lot of open ends. I also had a problem with how cruel and rude the Cassidy's mother was as well as Cassidy during most of the book. If you like contemporary or YA books then give this one a try, just because I don't like something doesn't mean you won't like it. My opinion is one of many.

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