Monday, August 3, 2015

Skeletor Reviews Kato's War by Andrew Broderick!

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Title: Kato's War

Author: Andrew Broderick

Published: Self published

Kato’s War takes off where Kira’s Flight left Kira and her father Kato wake far in the future after having been rescued form their spaceship. After some science they have their youth restored but not all of  Kira’s memories, now known as the “Sleepers” they are the most famous human alive. Old enemies resurface and trouble ensues.


Thoughts: I had some problems with this book, the settings were believable enough and interesting, and it was just the characters that I had the most problems with. I found them to be very one dimensional and predictable. Kato for some reason after getting his youth back acts like a college frat boy and Kira is reduced to a simpleton of the first quarter of the book. Also the plot was very predictable, I was able to guess what was going to happen before it happen. It reused a lot of plot
devices used in other books and that made it very predicable.

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