Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Theodore Roberts & The Key To The Imaginary Door by J.R. Robinson BOOK REVIEW!!!

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Title: Theodore Roberts & The Key To The Imaginary Door

Author: J.R. Robinson

Published: London Publishing

"Into this world darkness has crept
Into this land many secrets have been kept. 
You are the child who will set all wrongs right, 
You are the one who has been sent to save the light. 
Tonight is shall start, he will come and show you the way.
It is up to you if you go or stay. 
Do not ask us if he is friend or foe, 
We cannot share that, we do not know. 
Yet take our words and hold them true,
He is alive in you."

Not many creatures of light remember what happened on that fateful day when darkness took hold of the land taking with it the protector of the tree of life Mirra. All they know is bits and pieces of what happened and the fact that if something isn't done soon darkness will take over forever.

Theodore (Teddy) Roberts has always had an imagination growing up, but now as he is getting closer and closer to adulthood his imagination is slipping along with the adventures.  Teddy never thought that one day while exploring the grounds around his families new home he would find a magical door leading to a fairy world in which his imagination would be the most powerful tool to have.

This magical land it being threatened by darkness and all the creatures of light within the land have been waiting for 100 years for the chosen one to save them. Teddy is that chosen one and with the help of the fairy princess and some friends they meet along the way Teddy must learn how to use the most powerful gift the land has ever known...his imagination. Above all Teddy must learn that Dark is not always a bad thing and light is not always good it's what you make of the situation that matters.


Thoughts: I found this book to be alright but just a bit slow moving. The whole thing was very detailed in it's descriptions of surroundings as well as the way the characters looked. There for a bit there seemed to be a love story going on but nothing became of it so I really didn't see a need for it in the story. My only other problem with this book was that the ending was a bit confusing and I still don't understand what happened to the evil that was taking over.  With everything said I found this book to be a pretty decent middle grade book.

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