Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Skeletor Reviews: The Bones of the Earth by Scott Hale MINI REVIEW!

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Title: The Bones of the Earth

Author: Scott Hale

Published: Self Published

Is it wrong to kill a human …
when you’re not human yourself?

It’s been two hundred years since the Trauma, a catastrophic event of a now forgotten origin, wreaked havoc upon the Earth, reducing the human population from billions to thousands, and leaving the survivors as prey to humanoid hunters. Vrana of the Raven is one of these hunters. Her tribe has made killing humans, now known as the Corrupted, its purpose—to “keep the balance”—to ensure that the Corrupted do not rise to power and lay the Earth to ruin once more.

But, one night, in the great northern city-state of Geharra, over ten thousand Corrupted disappear.
And if so many can disappear so quickly, what’s to stop it from happening again elsewhere, or to Vrana’s own?


Thoughts: This book was less sci-fi and more horror. I am not a big fan of horror stories as a part of my fiction intact. I enjoyed the world building that the author employed with his characters, but I am not a fan of grotesque horror. Give me the witches, mythology and sci-fi any day but you can keep the blood guts and horror to a minimum. I am not opposed to mild thrills and twists and turns in my sci-fi but I am notinto the blood shed and scares. Although this is not my genre of choice I can appreciate the authors talent for storytelling and even if it isn’t my story of choice, over all well written but a little too dark and stormy for me.

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