Friday, October 23, 2015

Breakable by Tammara Webber BOOK REVIEW!

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Title: Breakable

Author: Tammara Webber

Published: Berkley

There used to be a point in time separating before from after. On one side lay everything good and beautiful - a dream that couldn't be touched in waking moments. Memories of my Mother were trapped there, and I fought to forget them Because they did nothing but hurt and condemn. The opposite side was struggle. Endurance. My after was raw reality, and there was nothing to do but survive it.

Landon has been barely scraping through life since the loss of his mother, always being different makes him stick out among his peers. after the loss his father moved them to live with his grandfather in a new town and new school. Landon was an outcast for a while and barely moved through life waiting for the one true love that he has always felt was there but seems farther and farther away with each horrible year. After getting in with the wrong crowd family friends step in to take Landon under their wing with the exception that he gets into the college that the family friend works at. The hard work paid off more than Landon can ever expect since no only did he get into college but he is a tutor for Mr. Heller's eco class who is the family friend, now going by his middle name Lucas and working many jobs to help pay for college things are looking up for him. It was in eco class that he noticed her, Jacqueline Wallace has been driving Lucas crazy ever since the first day of class. He loves everything about her right down to the way she taps her fingers while she is in class, but Jacqueline is taken and way out of his league if he can just get her out of his head.

Lucas is losing himself in this girl and begins to follow her around just to be nearer to her, that pays off the night of a Halloween party at a frat house that Jacqueline showed up to get over the recent of her boyfriend. Lucas saw her walk out of the party early and close behind was a male following her. Lucas decides it's time to stop all of this nonsense and starts to leave the party thinking Jacqueline was with the male follower who left behind her. Once in the parking lot Lucas was starting to leave when he heard a loud scream coming from the area that Jacqueline parked her truck. Running to her aid Lucas saves Jacqueline from her male attacker only to be greeted by her fear after the attack. Jacqueline will never be the same after that attack and neither will Lucas because no she notices him and as time passes neither of them can get each other out of their heads.

She notices him as he has always noticed her but with they be enough to be each other saviors from crumbling against the secrets and trauma of their pasts.


Thoughts: I would recommend that you read Easy by Tammara Webber first since this is sort of like a companion novel that is told from the males point of view were as Easy is told from the female's point of view. I enjoyed both books equally but this one seemed a bit more heart breaking and left you hurting to comfort the main character Lucas. This story is raw in the sense that it teaches you that not all love stories are all happy ones. I must say that I love the characters very much and I also loved that this book tells you happens at the end instead of just ending like some books tend to do leaving you hanging in the wonder. I would recommend this book to people who want something different in a love story, a love story that stands out among a crowd of cliche books. Tammara Webber will steal your heart with this one.

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