Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Vampire Lords of Blacknall Trinity by Shirl Anders BOOK REVIEW!

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Title: Vampire Lords of Blacknall Trinity

Author: Shirl Anders

Published: Allure Books

Four vampire brothers of Blacknall trying their best to keep control over the the cruelness of the vampire population. One of the brothers named Trinity has taken it upon himself to investigate a string of gruesome murders in the area. In the process of trying to track the murder while he was in the process of hunting a new victim Trinity stumbled across a lovely lady in the woods that had been the target new victim. This was no ordinary lady though because 1. she was still a virgin so her pure blood spoke to all the vampires close by tempting them to taste, 2. Trinity's vampire powers such as allure do not work on the lady known as Beth.

Ever since that night in the woods after saving Beth, Trinity can't get her out of his head. Such a fascinating woman that is shrouded in mystery. In the process of trying to figure out who a killer is Trinity can't help himself and is slowly falling in love with the mystery lady he saved in the woods.


Thoughts: Though this book was a bit cliche when it comes to vampire novels I still enjoyed the fact that there were some differences between the vampires in this novel and other novels that I have read. That feature alone was enough to make me enjoy learning about these new vampires. It also helps that I found the characters likeable and believeable. I love the four brother vampires and wish that there were more of this book like as a series but don't let that fool you because there were some problems with the book. One problem I had with this book was a very annoying one indeed and it was the fact that almost everytime Beth was around another person in the book there was some part that was describing her breasts in some sort of manner. My other problem with the book was there was a plot pertaining to a certain person that was rather large but the book didn't finish that plot at all which makes you wonder what the heck happened to this main plot?! Those factors aside I did somewhat enjoy reading this book and I thought the love story was rather sweet and different from others I have read about pertaining to vampire couples.

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