Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Knocked Out by my Nunga - Nungas by Louise Rennison MINI BOOK REVIEW!

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Title: Knocked Out by my Nunga - Nungas

Author: Louise Rennison

Published: Hapertempest

Georgia Nicolson is an average British teenager only she is dating a Sex God. Things couldn't be better for Georgia until her ex confesses his never ending love for her at a party. One of her friends is interested in Georgia's ex but she can't help having a bit of feelings for him that start to become worse. Now Georgia can't get her ex out of her head and is faced with a big decision does she break it off with her Sex God to get back together with her ex all the while breaking her friends heart in the process, or does she stay with the Sex God and ignore the thoughts of her ex.


Thoughts: I usually find these books quite funny but for some reason this one just seems like Georgia is becoming more self centered and rude. I understand that she is a teenager but even so I didn't treat people the way she treats people when I was a teenager. Other than that the book was a quick read and I am curious to see who she eventually ends up with so I will continue on with the series. I just wasn't a fan of this installment.

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