Monday, December 21, 2015

Because by Jack A. Langedijk and V.V. Cam BOOK REVIEW!

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Title: Because

Author: Jack A. Langedijk

Illustrator: V. V. Cam

After a tragic accident mountain climbing Roberto a professional mountain climber is now faced with the toughest adventure of his life. Trouble by not being the same person he once was Roberto becomes angered and begins to push the ones he loves away. With his family life falling apart around him it becomes a race against time for his family to save Roberto from losing what life he has left.


Thoughts: this was a hear breaking story of a man so close to falling. This is a glimpse into the struggling life of someone with a disability and the challenges they face. At times I found this book hard to read due to the fact that it's written so well that you are living it rather than reading it. This book proves just how strong a person can be after tragedy changes a life.

A Song That Reminds Me Of The Book!

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