Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Words Unspoken by Adam Stuck MINI BOOK REVIEW + EXCERPT

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Title: Words Unspoken

Author: Adam Stuck

Published: Amazon Digital Services

This is a poetry book filled of a life of sorrow and happiness as one man struggles to find true love and meaning in his life. Once found the world is a light with his beautiful words describing an encounter with true love in one life changing moment.


Thoughts: I loved this poetry though quite sad at times it makes you truly feel for the person who wrote them. The words are very strong and tend to stick with you through time and it's also a very short read only being 25 pages long. Oh what a moving 25 pages that make me want to write poetry again.There were some editing errors but they are easy to look past so there really wasn't any problems there. I would recommend this book to anyone that has just a short amount of time to read something or who is looking for a moving story through poetry of sorrow and love found.

Excerpt from the book 

The Path in the Woods

I walked a down a well used path in the forest of life. A path many had walked before, As the path was well worn and clear. Far down this path I could see, This path held no surprises for me. For a while I walked this path with my family at my side. And later my friends walked with me down this path, They walked with me for a while there path was the same as mine. And then they all went their separate ways. Some path turned far from mine, others not too far. Some friends were now gone, other still near enough to call out to. But I now walked my path alone. In the distance I heard a voice call out to me. I talked to this voice for a while as walked. It was always there for me, always willing to listen. My heart told me to try and find this voice, But my head said otherwise. Other voice called out to me for time to time, And for some reason I tried to follow those voices. In the end it only made lost, tired and lonely. But through it all her voice was always there. So for the first time in my life I threw caution to the wind, And left the path to make my own and find her. It was there I found you in the woods, alone and crying. And it was in you that I found the love I had been searching for. It was in you that I found everything I would ever want and need. I knew that no one would ever love more then you, And I knew that I could never love anyone more then I love you.

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