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Wolfskin by Juliet Marillier BOOK REVIEW!

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Title: Wolfskin

Author: Juliet Marillier

Published: Tor Books

Eyvind never wanted much from life, the only thing he had his heart and eye on was to become a great warrior like his brother and to die in battle. Such was the life of Vikings, to die in the rages of battle would mean a warm welcome to the great feast in Valhalla.
As long as Eyvind could remember he had been slowly training himself to become a great Wolfskin (Viking warrior) until the arrival of a boy about Eyvind's age unexpectedly shows up putting a damper on Eyvind's training. Eyvind was tasked with taking care of the boy who's name was Somerled and teach him the ropes around the family farm. Somerled who was an outcast wasn't well liked by the other kids even though he was well spoken. Because Somerled was the brother of Ulf who was a friend of Eyvind's older brother, he had access to good schooling which gave Somerled an ego bigger than himself. Somerled being cast out by the other kids led to Eyvind taking him under his wing. Eyvind taught Somerled the training he knew while Somerled taught Eyvind how to better communicate with others and how to spell his own name. 

As years went by Eyvind and Somerled became good friends but their time together was cut short when Somerled was retrieved by his older brother so he could go to royal court were his talents would be better suited working with the king. The separation between the two was short lived though since Eyvind became a Wolfskin requiring him to work with the king. 

People change over time and sometimes not for the good, Eyvind could see that change in Somerled at the royal court but with so many people it was easy to look him over. Travel, battles, and the love of a local lady seemed to be a good simple life for a young warrior but his simple routine was taken from him by Somerled when he offered Eyvind up as a traveler to a new land Ulf had seen in his dreams. The deal was to find this new kingdom, get a small kingdom started then the Wolfskin warriors that were still on call would return. Things were horrible from the moment the small group of people and warriors set sail for the new land and it seemed they were doomed to drift into oblivion. 

When hope for a new kingdom was almost gone land was spotted. The Island though mostly devoid of trees was a nice place for Ulf to build his kingdom. The only thing that was not in the plan was the people who already call the new found land home. Two different languages and two different religions made the locals very nervous of the new comers but things seemed to meld into a perfect partnership with the leader of the locals and Ulf. 

The time for the on call Wolfskins to go back to their kind was quickly approaching much to the phrase of Eyvind who missed his routine life at the royal court. Things seemed to be going as planned until the suspicious death of Ulf rocks the locals and Wolfskins to their core. The only people that were with Ulf the time of his death weren't talking and Somerled got everyone worked up in his grief. Who is to blame for the death of their leader? With the Vikings blaming the locals and the locals blaming the Vikings war was quickly approaching the people of the island. A war so massive it could wipe out half of the people on the island. The answer to the mystery and the possible savior to the people falls on a local girl who isn't ready to lead her people let alone fight a war. Eyvind crosses paths with the local girl intertwining their lives together on the brink of war. With Eyvind and the girl together things start to come full circle and people begin to show their true evil that was kept hidden for so long.  


Thoughts: I am going to be honest here and say that I struggled through this book. It was so slow for me as far as plot that I thought about putting it down more than once. Things didn't start to pick up until well after the middle. The small love story is surprisingly what kept my interest in the story as I was becoming more and more irritated with some of the main characters. If you are going into this story expecting a good Viking story then you should probably look else were since this book seems to focus more on the characters relationship than battles and Vikings. I will try the next book in the series but I can't promise that I will finish it. It's worth a try though. 

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DragonVale! Mobile Game Review

Title: DragonVale

Developer: Backflip Studios

Game Genre: Park Simulator

Platforms: Android and iOS

DragonVale is a very addictive park simulation game where you can breed, collect, and display dragons. The game can be played with friends are by yourself. I have been playing this game for years and I love it. The game is free and though you can use real money to buy extra food, gems, or gold, real money is not necessary in order to play this game. You can race your dragons, battle against others in the arena, or just breed and collect. You do not have to play everyday in order to keep your park running though it is encouraged with daily rewards. There are also special events every now and thing which will allow you to earn even more rare dragons. They are always adding new things to the game to keep it fresh and new even after all these years.


                  Here are some pictures from my own park!

Don't miss out on all the fun! Buy DragonVale today!

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Cinderella's Inferno by F.M. Boughan BOOK TOUR + GIVEAWAY!


Author: F.M. Boughan

Publisher: Month9Books

CINDERELLA,NECROMANCER is CHIME meets ANNA, DRESSED IN BLOOD and was inspired by a real medieval grimoire of necromancy from 15th-century Germany.

Ellison lost her mother at an early age. But since then, her father has found love again. He’s
happy and doesn’t quite notice that Ellison does not get along with his new wife or her mean

When Ellison discovers a necromantic tome while traveling the secret passages of her father’s
mansion, she wonders if it could be the key to her freedom.

Until then, she must master her dark new power, even as her stepmother makes her a servant
in her own home. And when her younger brother falls incurably ill, Ellison will do anything to
ease his pain, including falling prey to her stepmother and stepsisters’ every whim and fancy.

Stumbling into a chance meeting of Prince William during a secret visit to her mother’s grave
feels like a trick of fate when her stepmother refuses to allow Ellison to attend a palace festival.

But what if Ellison could see the kind and handsome prince once more? What if she could
attend the festival? What if she could have everything she ever wanted and deserved by
conjuring spirits to take revenge on her cruel stepmother?

As Ellison’s power grows, she loses control over the evil spirits meant to do her bidding. And as
they begin to exert their own power over Ellison, she will have to decide whether it is she or her
stepmother who is the true monster.

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Author Bio

F.M. Boughan is a bibliophile, a writer, and an unabashed parrot enthusiast. She can often be found writing in local coffee shops, namely because it’s hard to concentrate with a cat lying on the keyboard and a small, colorful parrot screaming into her ear. Her work is somewhat dark, somewhat violent, somewhat hopeful, and always contains a hint of magic.

You can follow Faith on Twitter (@FaithBoughan) for plenty of flailing about food (she likes to
cook!), TV shows (she watches too many), and world dance (did you know she's been
performing and instructing in Bollywood-style dance for over 8 years?). Or catch her on Facebook where she just might post pictures of her adorable cat and bird... among other things.

You can also find her hereGoodreads ** Instagram ** Website


My father was right.
We needed to run.
“What is it?” is all I managed to breathe.
“This is the circle of gluttony and greed,” my father said, taking my hand and pulling me away
from my sisters. This time, I did not resist. “What else could dwell here but the true green-eyed monster
Jealousy. We faced the incarnate form of jealousy made manifest by my stepsisters. They envied
my ability to walk upon the earth, and they envied the power they thought could be gained by aligning themselves with mortal royalty. Victoria had, after all, tried to marry William.
“Let’s go,” I whispered. “I cannot fight this. I don’t know how.” The monster roared again, and I
turned to flee—but in that moment, Hund launched himself toward the beast. “Hund! No!” I nearly
pulled out of my father’s grasp. “Come back!”
“He’ll be fine,” my father said. “Watch.”
And I did, for as my canine companion leapt, he began to grow. And grow, and grow, new heads
bursting from the sides of his neck, jaws widening until three mouths filled with sword-sharp teeth
snarled before the heinous Jealousy. Hund’s fangs dripped yellow venom, and the claws on his
enormous paws were at least as long as my brother was tall.
This was not Hund at all, this spirit I thought I had called to do my bidding. No, Charon had
spoken the truth when he’d said I had tamed a guardian, though I had not fully understood. This
monstrous ally, this hound who trotted by my side and risked his own body for my protection, I knew by his three heads. This was none other than Cerberus, the hound of Hades, guardian of the underworld. And he had chosen to protect me.

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Power Of Five by Alex Lidell RELEASE DAY BLITZ + GIVEAWAY!


Author: Alex Lidell

Publisher: Danger Bearing Press

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Four elite fae warriors. One mortal female. A magical bond they can’t allow—or resist.

Orphaned and sold to a harsh master, Lera’s life is about mucking
stalls, avoiding her master’s advances, and steering clear of the
mystical forest separating the mortal and fae worlds. Only fools venture into the immortal realms, and only dark rumors come out... Until four powerful fae warriors appear at Lera’s barn.

River, Coal, Tye, and Shade have waited a decade for their new fifth to be chosen, the wounds from their quint brother’s loss still raw. But the magic has played a cruel trick, bonding the four immortal warriors to... a female. A mortal female.

Distractingly beautiful and dangerously frail, Lera can only be one thing—a mistake. Yet as the males bring Lera back to the fae lands to sever the bond, they discover that she holds more power over their souls than is safe for anyone... especially for Lera herself.

Power of Five is a full-length reverse-harem fantasy novel.

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Shade’s neck bobs and he catches my wrist, the few inches of air between us suddenly
thick. Crackling. His mouth opens slightly, the elongated canines near and sharp and
glistening with danger. My chest tightens, my breath suddenly gone from my lungs.

“You . . . have long lashes,” I say, leaning closer. “Girls would kill for those.”

“I have many long things,” Shade breathes, his hand cupping the back of my head,
tangling in my hair. “Patience, it seems, is not one of them.”

I open my lips to respond, only to find Shade’s mouth covering mine, his lips soft and
warm enough to heat a whole palace. My own mouth yields in answer, and Shade’s kiss
deepens, the hand in my hair tightening until my whole scalp tingles. Sings. Stars.

Shade pulls away slowly, his canines gently scraping my lower lip as I moan softly into

My heart pounds, the warmth between my legs a downright flame, and I try to catch my
breath. “Did you plan that?” I demand.

Shade grins, makes a noncommittal sound, and turns back into his wolf, demonstratively
making a circle on my bed before curling up with his tail over his nose. His body
manages to press against my back, his rhythmic breathing soothing and steady.

“Why do you do that?” I ask when I can speak again. “Stay in your wolf form so much?”

No answer.

“Being a wolf to avoid talking to me while lounging around on my bedding is a dirty,
cowardly trick.”

Shade snorts, buries his head deeper beneath his paws, and settles into a calm sleep
punctuated by soft snores that turn into whimpers when I shift out of reach. Frowning, I
move closer, resting my hand on the sleeping wolf’s flank. The whimpering stops, the
rhythmic rise of his chest and his twitching eyelids speaking of a dream-filled slumber.

                                                 About Alex

Alex Lidell is the Amazon Breakout Novel Awards
finalist author of THE CADET OF TILDOR (Penguin,
2013). She is an avid horseback rider, a (bad) hockey
player, and an ice-cream addict. Born in Russia, Alex
learned English in elementary school, where a thoughtful librarian placed a copy of Tamora Pierce’s ALANNA in Alex’s hands. In addition to becoming the first English book Alex read for fun, ALANNA started Alex’s life long love for YA fantasy books. Alex is represented by Leigh Feldman of Leigh Feldman Literary. She lives in Washington, DC.

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Daughter of the Sun by Zoe Kalo BOOK TOUR!!!

Title: Daughter of the Sun (Cult of the Cat series)

Author: Zoe Kalo

Genre: YA contemporary Egyptian mythological fantasy/paranormal 

Mystery, adventure, a hint of romance, and the delicious sweep of magic...

16-year- old Trinity leads a quiet life until fate takes her to the Island of Cats.

As Trinity tries to solve the mystery of an ancient papyrus, she’s pulled into a vortex of bloody sacrifices, evil curses, and a prophecy that points to a horrifying destiny.

The author is giving away the first book in the series for FREE to readers who sign up for her mailing list on her website at


“This was an amazing story!” –Hot Off the Shelves

​“Wow- this book was a stunning, magnificent adventure!” –The Recipe Fairy
“If you are looking for a Young Adult Fantasy book that is different
from the norm, then look no further. Daughter of the Sun is full of
Egyptian mythology, with layer upon layer of mystery just waiting to be uncovered.”  - Archaeolibrarian

A certified bookworm and ailurophile, Zoe Kalo has always been obsessed with books and reading. The pleasure of writing and sharing her fantasy worlds has remained. Today, Zoe passes her stories to you with lots of mystery, adventure, a hint of romance, and the delicious sweep of magic.

Currently, she balances writing with spending time with her family, taking care of her clowder of cats, and searching for the perfect bottle of pinot noir.

Find Zoe Kalo Website * Facebook * Twitter

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Rules for a Knight by Ethan Hawke MINI BOOK REVIEW!

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Title: Rules for a Knight

Author: Ethan Hawke

Published: Knopf

A knight that is out on mission fears that this will be his last battle. Before he perishes at the hands of another he wanted to teach his children back home the lessons and values of a knight. The teachings of a knight is not something that comes easy and at times it would be hard but he assures his children that these qualities are very important and should be practiced by everyone not just knights.

The book is made is sections each with a main focus, solitude, humility, forgiveness, honesty, courage, grace, pride, and patience. Each quality comes with it's own important lesson. Not one quality is greater than the other and if learned / practiced together this story would have taught more than just this one knight's children. From father to child.


Thoughts: I had no idea what I was going into when I picked this book up and I am greatly surprised at the outcome. The values of the story are very touching and lasting in their teachings. I feel like this book can be read by not just adults but younger children as well. It is a quick read and very good I enjoyed it a lot. I would HIGHLY recommend.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Reluctant Psychic by Suzan Saxman and Perdita Finn BOOK REVIEW!

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Title: The Reluctant Psychic

Authors: Suzan Saxman and Perdita Finn

Published:  St. Martin's Griffin

The Reluctant Psychic is the story of Suzan Saxman's life and how she has come to be the beautiful person she is today.

Suzan grew up knowing that she wasn't favored by her mother. Even before she admitted to any of her family members that she could see and speak with the dead Suzan didn't really fit in. Talking to people you think are real that no one else can see made her a seem weird to others causing her to grow up mostly with the dead for company. Suzan learned to cope and through her years of school finally started to find herself as she grows into adulthood.

Suzan's life seems to have been meant for more than just her. It's as if she were meant to be here to help connect the living to the dead. Being a psychic can come with it's own adventures but it can be hard to have a life when you are connected to so many others.


Thoughts: It took me quite a while to get to this gem of a book. I loved this book, I ached for Suzan as I read about her upbringing. Being torn down emotionally because she didn't fit it with what people thought was "normal" is something that I myself can relate to and I am sure I am not the only one that feels this was. I thought a few times that some of the things were made up or exaggerated but there are pictures included and some googling proved that I was wrong. I did notice that a few of her stories from her readings with people were repeated more than once in the book. I like the stories from the readings but there was no need to have as many of them in the book if there weren't enough to add without repeating.

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